The Roadmap 3.0 Digital Marketing Course with Master Resell Rights (New Update!)

  • Learn the A-Z of digital marketing so you can start a profitable online business
  • Learn how to easily create and sell digital products so you can make passive income effortlessly
  • Includes master resell rights so you can resell it as your own for 100% profits, which means you can earn while you learn!
  • Join a community of 20k+ members so you can network with people who have put this course to work and are making thousands per month!
  • 7 Exclusive Bonuses, including a Faceless Marketing Guide, 100 Faceless Aesthetic Reel Videos, a TikTok Mastery Guide, a Digital Product Income Guide, and MORE!

Look Inside The Roadmap 3.0 Digital Marketing Course

(aka The Roadmap To Riches Course)

This is for you if...

  • You want to get out of debt
  • You want to work from anywhere in the world
  • You want to get out of the job that you hate
  • You want a done-for-you high-ticket digital product that you can resell for 100% profit
  • You want to spend more time with your family
  • You're tired of struggling
  • You're tired of feeling stuck
  • You want to start your own online business
  • You want a passive income stream
  • You want to learn high-income skills

What's Inside the Roadmap 3.0 Course:

Module 1: Diving Into the World of Digital Entrepreneurialism

An in-depth introduction to the world of digital marketing that gives you a great starting point for the rest of the course.

Module 2: Building a Solid Business Base

This module lays your business foundations and helps you craft your mission and vision statement, understand business models, and so much more!

Module 3: Tailoring a Business to Your Vision

This module walks you through choosing the right business model for your goals and visions.

Module 4: From Idea to Market-Ready Product

Product ideation is one of the most valuable skills you can learn as a digital marketer. Learn how to go from a vague idea to a market-ready product with this module.

Module 5: Branding Essentials

Branding is an essential part of your online business, and it’s so much more than just your logo and brand colors. Learn the ins and outs of branding and how to find your ideal target audience here - this is a key step to learning how to effectively sell online!

Module 6: Introduction to Business Automation

Business automation tools are the true key to passive income. Automation allows you to set everything up one time, while your systems go to work in the background running your entire business for you. This is an overview of the tools you need to make money while you sleep!

Module 7: Business Legal Documents

Master Resell Rights gives you the ability to resell this course for 100% profit, and this module walks you through the legal documents needed to take advantage of this benefit!

Module 8: Stan Store

A Stan Store is your ultimate BFF when it comes to digital marketing, sales, and having a TikTok-approved Link in Bio page. This module takes you through a step-by-step of how to set up a Stan Store, upload products to it, and set up your payment processors. Cha-ching! đź’°

Modules 9 - 12: Sales Funnels

These modules teach you how to set up your sales funnel using tools like and Stan Store so you can choose the method that works best for you. Your sales funnel is an essential piece of your online business, and you'll learn how to set it all up step-by-step - they make it so easy, even a non-techy beginner can do it!

Modules 13 - 15: Email Marketing Mastery

Email marketing is an important part of the automated side of your business. The Roadmap walks you through how to set it all up step-by-step to eliminate overwhelm. With these modules, you’ll learn how to set up the software that will automatically send marketing emails for you and help you sell while you sleep. Plus, you'll learn how to use ChatGPT to help you do it all effortlessly!

Module 16: Blogging For Success

Learn about blogging and SEO to help more effectively market and promote your online business. This module teaches up-to-date info for blogging in 2024 and beyond with content strategy, essential and uncomplicated SEO strategies, and much more.

Module 17: Online Marketing

Learn how to master the skill of online marketing. Gain the knowledge to identify the different types of buyers and how to craft content that speaks and sells directly to each different type. You’ll also learn how to use storytelling in marketing and how to attract the right people - definitely a MUST SEE module!

Module 18: Business & Content Optimization Tools

There are many tools on the market that can help you with your business and content, and this module dives into helpful tools that can help you run everything without any overwhelm.

Module 19: Navigating Business Challenges

Even the most seasoned digital marketer faces challenges in their business. Learn key tips to navigate business challenges here.

Module 20: Customer Service Excellence

Customers are the most important part of any business - whether you’re selling digital products, doing affiliate marketing, or providing services. Learn key customer service skills and tips here.

Module 21: Sustaining Business Momentum

Starting an online business that you plan to run long-term requires strength, motivation, and resilience. Get tips and tools to help keep you going and sustaining momentum in this module.

Modules 22 - 26: TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest,

These modules are golden! Learn how to use and create content for the hottest platforms on the internet today. Once your back end is set up, knowing how to create the right kind of content that speaks to the right person and reaches them at the right time is what is going to help you make sales - when done right, social media can make you massive profits.

Module 27: Video Editing With CapCut

If you're non-techy, have never made a video before, or don't feel confident in your video-making or editing skills, this module is for YOU. Learn how to create and edit scroll-stopping content in this module that you can use on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest here.

Module 28: How to Use Kajabi To Build Your Own Course

Learn how to create and sell your very own course using Kajabi in this in-depth step-by-step module! You can use this to create and sell your very own course, to resell the Roadmap course, and much more!

Over 200 Video Lessons and Growing!


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Get 100 ideas for short-form video content for just about everything you can imagine! Great for Faceless IG and Faceless TikTok accounts.

Includes resell rights.


Learn everything you need to know to start, grow, and monetize a TikTok account with this exclusive guide. Includes resell rights.


Learn everything you need to know to start, grow, and monetize a TikTok account with this exclusive guide. Includes resell rights.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Master Resell Rights, aka MRR, is a licensing agreement that is included with this course. This licensing agreement allows you to resell this course to your own audience and keep 100% of the profit. With this business model, you don't even have to create the product because we already created it for you!


You can make money with this course in several ways. First, you can resell the course using the methods taught inside the course for business set up and content creation. You can sell this exact course for 100% profit. Second, you can use the lessons that the course teaches to build your own separate business and sell any product that you want - the course teaches you how to come up with product ideas, how to market your business, and much more.


An online Marketing and Business Training with master resell rights. Our digital product is a Business training teaching you how to set up and market a business online correctly.

You'll receive instant access to the course as soon as you purchase, and you'll be able to download the course files, as well as your master resell rights license.


YES. We offer payment plans on the next page. You will still get instant access to the entire course PLUS the Master Resale Rights license, even if you purchase with a payment plan.


NO, there are NO UPSELLS and NO HIDDEN FEES. This is a ONE-TIME PAYMENT course. You get access to the course itself, the master resell license, the community of 30k+ members, and more, all for one payment.


No, you do not have to resell the course. This is an option provided to you to help total beginners start earning as quickly as possible, but it's not required. The course is a well-rounded business training that teaches you how to run a profitable online business in any niche, and reselling it is not required to be successful.

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